About me
What I want you to think about me

My name is Paul Rohorzka. I live in Vienna, working as a software developer.


My experience in software development includes learning and working with Pascal (on a TI-74), QBasic, Visual Basic and VBA, C (on an Atari), C++/OWL/MFC, C#/.NET, and all the accompying technologies, tools and languages such as SQL, XML, XSLT to name a few.

I studied (but did not finish) Telecommunications at the Vienna University of Technology. In later stages of my studies I focussed on digital signal processing. While doing project works and while working on my master thesis I was devoloping algorithms for the Motorola 56k family of digital signal processors, esp. the Motorola 56303. My master-thesis (a low-delay audio coder) was done as a project for AKG Acoustics in Vienna.

For several years I worked as a freelance technical trainer, starting with low-level courses for the Microsoft Office family. Soon I started teaching software developers on the Microsoft platform (1200+ hours).

A few years (with varying partners) I tried to build up a software company (softconcept). At softconcept, we were primarly doing projects with Microsoft Access. From that time stems a rather deep know-how regarding VBA development (which I think is better than its reputation). Over the years I could share my knowledge by presenting at the Access Entwickler Konferenz (Access Developer's Conference) in Germany.


The main focus of my work is backend development with C# since the early versions of the .NET platform. I have a strong interest in producing software that people love to use and that is easy to maintain. Therefore I am promoting the mindsets of clean code and automatic software testing, utilizing practices such as TDD, BDD/ATDD.

Currently I try to broaden my knowledge to technologies beside the Microsoft stack, namely web development (HTML5, CSS3, angularjs) and development for mobile devices. Also, I try to familiarize myself with Mac OS X.

Maintaining PaulRoho.com should help me on that way.

Since 2006 I am happy to work at TechTalk, a Vienna based consultancy (originator of SpecFlow).


Beyond my professional life I am deeply grateful to be part a wonderful familiy. I love reading books (fiction and technical), and spending time with friends playing music or hiking the Austrian mountains (much too rarely, I confess).

All content on PaulRoho.com originates by myself, if not stated otherwise.