Mobile App Europe 2014 Notes

Building Apps with Facebook

Notes on a keynote by Julien Lesaicherre (Facebook) at the Mobile App Europe 2014.

“Our biggest mistake was betting too much on HTML5 (Zuckerberg 2012)”

Build - Grow - Monetize


10B logins in 2013

US: 4.2 connected devices per user

Anonymous login with facebook - Facebook provides a stable id, but no connection with the real person or its data.

People are using 27 apps

“If your referelals from Facebook are below 25% you are doing something wrong.”

Applinks (Mobile deeplinks) 3B+

Facebook has the demographics, they know who you are, if you have the Facebook app installed, they provide the characteristics of the user to apps via Facebook SDK.

Facebook Audience Network (“Install now” buttons in Apps)

Facebook Service: give Facebook emails, they match it with similar interest people and retarget it.

… and so much more … (scary!)

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