Mobile App Europe 2014 Notes

Judging People – Why We Are Wrong When We Think We Are Right

Notes on a keynote by Dr. Chaehan So (Axel Springer Ideas Engineering) at the Mobile App Europe 2014.

A Common Misconception:
Psychology derives trait from observing behaviour. - Wrong!

Psychological research does the opposite:
“What is the probability for a behaviour given a trait?”

Psychological Effect size
Difference/distance between averages

Why do we think that we are right? -
Because we want to be right. We’re hard wired for that.

Confirmation Bias
Tendency to neglect information that disconfirms our believe: We look for evidence that supports our thinking, we do not look for disconfirm.

Where do I seek for confirm:

You want to look good

Selective perception:

Shield us from negative feedback

##Cognition/Metacognition Cognition - information processing
when we monitor it -> Metacognition - can control cognition Metacognition: how do we think how good we are

People don’t see their cognitive inabilities, they need feedback

Metacognitive Training: align metacognition and cognition


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