Mobile App Europe 2014 Notes

Mobile Web Apps and Hybrid Apps – from Zero to Hero

Notes on a workshop by Martin Naumann (Centralway Headquarters AG) at the Mobile App Europe 2014.

Building a MobileWebApp with ionic and Apache Cordova and PhoneGap build.

  1. Update nodejs

    On Windows: just install the latest msi

  2. Install cordova

     npm install -g cordova
  3. Install ionic framework

     npm install -g ionic
  4. Seed a new ionic project

     ionic start <myProject> tabs
  5. Let ionic serve the project (from the projects folder)

     ionic serve
  6. Push it to GitHub

  7. Check it in
    1. pull it from GitHub repository
    2. Provide a name
    3. Click “Ready to build”
  8. Scan the build output with a QR-code scanner


  1. (With Chrome on Android) Debug on the device
    • In Google Chrome: chrome://inspect, choose device
    • Changes in the code (e.g. Dom Inspector) immediately reflect on phone

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