The new website


Over the years, I have left a few traces on the web:

Resource Description Connex to Website of my former company (self-employed). The content and the company as well are more or less obsolete these days. Move and link valuable content, retire obsolete pages
Blog "From The Life of a Developing Developer" The blog I started several years ago. It is just about development, and currently includes several blog posts from colleagues (from DevTnT - see below). Migrate posts, replace original content by links to the new location, replace posts not by me with link to their copy at
Blog "Developer Tipps and Tricks" The accompying blog of the DevTnT-format ("Developer Tipps and Tricks") at my employer TechTalk Nothing to do
Several totally empty blogs on various platforms for non-technical topics (having names such as "PaulOnAccess", "Hirnsand - Zerebrale Sedimente", "Tall In Vienna"). Since is a personal blog, topics off-tech should fit here as well. Remove all these empty blogs.

I was never happy with the idea of maintaining several sources on the web. Since it was rather obvious that I might not collect enough content to keep multiple blogs alive, I just blogged sparsely on my technical blog, hosted on Blogspot, Google's blogging platform. Although that platform is a nice and easy way to get started with a blog, I always wanted to have more control over the structure and HTML that is generated.

With the advent of GitHub pages and the Jekyll static site generator, and since I try to speed myself up using git, I wanted to give this platform a try. Jekyll on GitHub pages promises to be a great way of having total control over the structure of the site, the content as it goes over the wire (i.e. the rendered HTML incl. CSS), scripting capabilities, and full blogging awareness. That seems to be a perfect match for the things I want to do.
See the outcome here on

If you are interesting in the genesis of, checkout Making of