The Making of is currently a work in progress. Since I like the idea of doing projects in the open, I use this page as a kind of public todo-list or backlog.


The following lists things I need or want to have on Along with each item it shows the status of its implementation.
Although not being very strict about it, I will move the tasks scheduled to be done next on top of the list. Apart from that, ordering is arbitrarily.

Effort Importance Status Topic
Create/fill startpage
  • Topics to be expected
  • News
  • Latest blog posts
  • ???
Document learnings of creating
  • jekyll/github pages
  • Windows UTF-8 w/o BOM
  • Navbar dropdown split (for tools)
  • ...
Import old posts from DevingDever:
  • Prefix with hint to original url
  • Remove content from old blog, link to new article
Support German language content
Subsite for Access topics? Provide tools there. Routes like /access/tools/dbdevtools
case-insensitive URLs?
  • Music
    • Projects
    • Bands
    • Theatre
    • Märchenbastelstube
  • Radio? - EP-Beitrag?
support less stylesheets
research how to let table cells wrap on low-width viewports

Tasks Done

Latest on top

Effort Importance Status Topic
Blog: Comments (using Disqus)
Blog: Support tags: /blog/tags
Provide infrastructure for draft posts
Fill /about
Fill /contact
Provide footer