What I want you to know

PaulRoho.com is mainly about developing software.

If you find this description ambiguous - that is intentional:

Developing software means two things for me:

Developing Software = How to make software


Developing Software = Software that evolves

On PaulRoho.com you will find things that cross my mind while working as a software developer. Other topics might come up from time to time.

An emphasis will be on C#, testing and VBA.

PaulRoho.com is maintained by Paul Rohorzka.


PaulRoho.com is hosted on GitHub Pages, utilizing the Liquid templating engine and the Jekyll static site generator. The layout is based on the Twitter-Bootstrap front-end framework. The theme is darkly from Bootswatch.com by Thomas Park, with it's code released under the MIT License. Icons from Font Awesome, web fonts from Google. Banner for draft content based on the Fork me on GitHub CSS ribbon by Simon Whitaker.
Customizations by Paul Rohorzka.

All sources of PaulRoho.com are available at GitHub.

Making Of

If you are interested in the process, plans and progress of creating PaulRoho.com you might want to checkout the PaulRoho.com Project Page.